A Treasure Hunt for the Soul.

40+ Hour Online Self-Paced Training Program for those seeking certification, personal healing, and experience-based transformation. Based on grounded and approachable teachings around self-healing, multi-cultural disciplines, philosophies, and practices.

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Integrate an embodied understanding of awakening from emotional, physical, and spiritual perspectives.

By Attending This Training You Will

  • Receive unlimited access to over 40+ hours of recorded content

  • Learn 8+ Western & Eastern breath practices

  • Access a community of like-minded seekers & facilitators for support, integration, connection
  • Awaken to your own potential, heal, and strengthen your gifts

  • Connect the dots between various spiritual traditions and scientific research

  • Learn how spiritual awakening can be activated in the body through breathing practices and other modalities

  • Understand Western & Eastern research on the origins of “breathwork” (pranayama)
  • Develop conventional language around esoteric concepts

  • Create and build upon a daily spiritual practice

  • Receive branding, design, and marketing guidance to create a responsible healing arts business*

  • Learn how to safely facilitate breathing practices for awakening with individuals and groups with integrity, respect, and care.*

*Those wishing to explore the program for self-reflection and discovery may participate in training without need to pursue certification. Certification is available for those who complete the requirements listed in the syllabus.
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Be welcomed into a community of like-hearted healing family. 

Personal Healing

The program naturally tailors to each individual’s unique journey and becomes an important part of the whole. It is designed to orchestrate epiphany for physical and emotional wellbeing, trauma healing, inner peace, and financial sustainability.

Connect the Dots

An all-encompassing course that covers multicultural approaches to the human experience and spiritual awakening. Integration of teachings from ancient civilizations, mythological and archeological research of the origins of humanity, shamanism, sacred plant medicine, metaphysical gifts, scientific research, and yogic philosophy.

Experience Focused

True wisdom begins with personal experience. For this reason, the training incorporates unit assessment quizzes, experiential breath practices, regular check ins for all participants. Time for individual breath practices encouraged in the program to cultivate the embodiment of awakening teachings.

Whether you're seeking personal transformation, answers to big questions, or further education as a yoga and healing arts practitioner (or all of the above), this is IT!

- Rhiannon Jane, DJ, Producer, Writer

- Thomas Hedlund
MFT, Clinical Supervisor for John Bradshaw Events

"Ground breaking! Effortlessly takes us into the very ground of our own being. Hands down, the finest Awakening Program that I know of. In my forty years as a licensed therapist, I have been privileged to work with and know many great teachers. Michael has touched thousands in his workshops and trainings. He is one of the few that I can say I trust implicitly."

- Candace Sauve
Sr. Leader at Sales Force

Life-changing! This breath practice is unlike any other spiritual practice of meditation, chanting, plant medicine etc. It WAKES you up in every way and will shift you towards your highest potential. We did deeply intensive pranayama sessions, as well as all the analytical background from Western Science, Eastern philosophy, and all the ancient mysticism. Highly recommend!!

- Claudia Moreno 
Founder of Rising with Grace

The Breath Center is a location where you learn how to reconnect with yourself. I thought I was there to just learn how to facilitate breath work.... however, I left learning so much more about myself, dove deeper in my knowing and learned to trust my intuition more. Michael and Audri hold a space where we can all be vulnerable and feel accepted. There so much knowledge Michael shared with us about different breathing methods, yoga, life source. I highly recommend The Breath Center to anyone wanting to dive deeper, find their wholeness, and be educated!

- Justin Taylor 
Coding Technician, Founder Nada Brahma Vibrational Arts

I am forever transformed, filled with gratitude and humility for the depth of the knowledge that has been passed down! Training with The Breath Center has had a profound impact on my personal life and the lives of my clients. I was opened to a myriad of topics explored through the prism of the breath, from classical pranayama to contemporary mysticism and body language. The final levels, grounded in the esoteric origins of humanity and collective karma, revealed the areas which are currently ripe for healing.

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The "Things My Teacher Didn't Teach Me" Training...

Training FAQ's

The place where science and mysticism meet for a much needed heart-to-heart connection.

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Program Summary:

Unlimited access to the Self-Paced Online The Anatomy of Awakening Training Program! Explore 40+ hours self-healing, multi-cultural spiritual disciplines, philosophies, & breathing practices. (Certifications Available)

Your tuition includes:

  • 5 module training that supports personal reflections, effective skills to facilitate healing experiences, and tools to build a responsible & successful healing arts practice.
  • 40+ hours of recorded content
  • Content formatted in 10-20-minute segments with video, mp3, & time stamped outlines
  • 12+ guided Western, Eastern, & therapeutic breath techniques
  • Weekly review materials + 5 monthly zoom calls with AOA support team
  • Facilitator waivers, session application forms, & insurance recommendations
  • Unlimited access to private community workspace of AOA graduates
  • Option to become Certified Arts Practitioner through The Breath Center
  • Post Training Support & Guidance, including 1 on 1 exam + practicum review

Training Outline:

  • Guided experiential Western & Eastern breath practices
  • Multi-cultural approaches to understanding and activating spiritual awakening
  • Precautions for safely navigating energetic and non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • Advanced practices to support the evolution of healing in one’s self & others
  • Scientific & medical overview of intentional breathing effects on the body
  • Western & Eastern research on the origins of “breathwork” (pranayama)
  • Ancient civilizations’ use of natural elements to intuit relationships with the earth & cosmos
  • Mythological & archeological research of the origins of humanity
  • Study of the accomplished spiritual masters and how they developed metaphysical gifts
  • Exploration North & South American shamanic traditions, including plant medicines
  • Benefits of and steps to create/build upon a daily spiritual practice
  • How to facilitate “breathwork” for individuals or groups with integrity, respect, & highest morals
  • Business, branding, design, & marketing guidance to create a responsible healing arts business
  • Facilitation documents including: Intake forms, liability waivers, email templates, etc
  • Post-Training support for integration, facilitation, and personal evolution

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Brian Baker at [email protected]

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